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Who is Paul Ring?

Paul Ring is 38 years old and lives in Wicklow with L- and their children. 

He is lucky that L- seems to love him, she is better than him in every way, (fortunately it is unlikely that L- will ever read this page so this admission is just between us), because, for the most part, Paul maintains a veneer of confidence that hides the hole in his self. 

Paul left school early, (just before they threw him out). Things were mental back then and in many ways his chaotic adolescence shaped his future experiences. 

When Paul was 24 he went back to education studying psychology, sociology and counselling. Since then he has been working with children, young people and families in a number of different informal settings such as youth services and community projects. 

Before returning to education Paul worked in horrible low paying jobs, between periods of unemployment, in the service industry manning petrol pumps and stacking supermarket shelves. During this time, to hold onto the idea that he might do more than wear company uniforms Paul read voraciously, began writing, and constantly imagined that he might escape the drudge of work by publishing a best seller, a masterpiece. 

Paul still reads and writes, but his work is his work. Having good work, having secure, rewarding employment freed Paul from the need to write a best seller to escape and allowed him to write whatever he wanted to write. 

He has published on novel, The Liar , which he worked on for about 4 years. He currently writes this blog and is working on a second novel, a different thing. 

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